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This Prototype VANBOX is the extra-ordinary result of an incredible story.

As my family has always been enthusiastic campers , I know very well the advantages and disadvantages of caravans and campers.

When I had the opportunity to buy a Mercedes Sprinter double cab bargain in 2004, I saw this as a chance to combine two purposes,   i.e. work and pleasure, simultaneously.   I only had to look for a static caravan-unit which I could on- and offload the pick-up.

At the great camper fair I visited in Germany, I didn't find a unit of my taste and so I decided to make one myself.  I preferred to build a look-alike of an elegant camper-van such as the wellknown MB Westfalia rather than an ugly confection container. (I have to say that in the meantime the supply has expanded significantly)

After having determined the rules, I listed the requirements :   elegant,   easy to unpick, drive, and park. The interior had to be functional and complete.

My first investment in 2004 was a book  "How to make it in Polyester".  After having read the book, I bought some material  and started experimenting with polyester. By co-incidence I saw an add about evening courses on this item.  So I went back to school.

Once I got used to the special characteristics of this strange material, I designed the VANBOX.  My aim was to create an easy to assemble unit, a composition of sandwich coachwork made in a minor amount of moulds.    

For a number of reasons it took me 6 years to build my first VANBOX. Research, prototyping and building fabrication equipment led to an incredible waste of time. The advantage was that I was able to use the latest camper-inventions on the market before finishing my work.  This first built VANBOX is extremely exclusive. But since I have the moulds for a limited series,  I can start production on order.  











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